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10 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Quitclaim                                                                                     7 June 1328

1) Henry de Kirkeby
2) Sir Nicolas de Stapleton Kt.
Quitclaim by 1) to 2) of all his right in 2 closes with appurtenances in Kirkeby Fletham which Miles de Stapleton father of 2) enclosed; namely a close behind the garden belonging to 2) and a close adjacent to the garden which once belonged to William de Wyndhill.
Also 1) releases all actions and secular demands whatsoever against 2).
Witnesses : Sir John de Stapleton Sir Thomas de Rokby kts. William Basset
                  Thomas de Fencotes William de Scurveton
Given at York                Tag and seal (damaged)                          Latin
YD10 No.317


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