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Quitclaim with Warranty                                                    10 Dec. 1301
1) Sir Miles de Stapleton
2) Henry le Scrop'
Quitclaim by 1) to 2) of all 1)'s wood of Fletham and all the waste pertaining which 1) has within the boundary of the vill and territory of Fletham, with all the common of pasture which 1) has in the woods of Henry son of Conan and the Prioress of Marrigg in the vill and territory of Fletham. Moreover 1) agrees that 2) may enclose the same and if 2) obtains those woods which belong to the Prioress or Henry s.of Conan, 2) may enclose them without hindrance from 1) or his heirs.
And 2) agrees that the cattle of 1) shall not be interfered with in the said wood or waste during the open season, until such time as the said wood and waste be enclosed by 2). Alternate seals.
Witnesses: Sir Brian s.of Alan Sir Harsculf de Cleseby Kts. Hugh de Colingham
                 Adam de Kirkeby Adam s.of John John s.of Adam
Given at Fletham                     Tag and seal (damaged)             Latin
YD10 No.315


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