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Gift with Warranty                                                                   6 Dec. 1301
1) Henry le Scrope
2) Sir Miles de Stapleton
Gift by 1) to 2) of that land with a parcel of wood and waste which lies near to the manor of 2) at Kirkeby in the place between the lands, wood and waste which 2) had by gift of Henry s. of Conan and the Prioress of Marrig'; namely so much belonging to 1) within a certain area defined and measured out by one plough-team, with the consent of Henry s.of Conan and the Prioress of Marrig'.
And because 2) has other lands, wood and waste with appurtenances by gifr of Henry s.of Conan and also of the Prioress, 1) grants that 2) may enclose all those lands, wood and waste with appurtenances within and next to the said area by a wall, fence or hedge.
Witnesses:   Sir Brian s.of Alan Sir Harsculf de Cleseby Kts. Hugh de Colingham
                   Robert de Aynderby Adam de Kirkeby Adam s.of John John s.of Adam
Given at Fletham               Tag, seal lost                                     Latin
YD No.313





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