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Quitclaim with warranty                                                         16 Dec. 1285
1)  William Giffard Kt.
2)  Sir Nicholas de Stapleton
Quitclaim by 1) to 2) of all his land in Fletham with all his villeins, their suits and chattels and homage & service of all his free tenants except homage & service of Sir Brian s. of Alan, namely all that land which 2) held of 1) in the same vill for a term of years.
2) to pay a rose annually for all secular services and demands.          Alternate seals.
Witnesses :   Sir Robert de Lasceles of Langethorn, Sir William de Skargyle Sir Henry de Watlous
                    Kts.  Robert de Hertforth, steward of Rychemund   Harsculf de Cleseby, bailiff
                    Hugh de Langeton  John de Colingham  Nigel de Saundrevile  Richard de Wyndefors
                    William de Makkene  Manasser de Morton  William de Ridale.
Given at Northmorton                    Tag, seal lost                    Latin
YD No.310


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