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Indenture of Exchange                                                             1241
1) The Abbot and Convent of St. Agatha
2) Sir Roger de Stapleton

Quitclaim by 1) to 2) of all rights in that part of land, wood and pasture of Kyppling which lies between Kyrkeby and the course of the water of Suale as it flowed at the feast of the Annunciation, 25 March 1241. For this release, 2) quitclaims to 1) all his right in that other part of land, wood and pasture which lies between the water of Suale and the vill of Kyppling. And if the water of Suale changes its course towards the Abbot's part or towards Roger's part, each part shall remain as it is in the above division
And if the demesne beasts of the Abbot or of Roger cross the said bounds, they shall not be impounded but driven back without harm except for recompense for any damage done to meadows or crops.
Moreover either party may strengthen his bounds against the water of Suale without impediment, except that neither party shall remove stones or anything else from the other part to strngthen their own part.        Alternate seals.
Witnesses: Sir Brian s. of Alan  Sir Roald constable  Sir Alan s. of Brian  Bro. Richard de
                 Thorneton preceptor of Cuton  Sir Adam de Nayrford  Sir Adam de Magneby  
                 Sir Adam de Alverton bailiff of Richemund  Richard de Nortf'  Sir Thomas de
                 lascels  Robert de Aynderby.
YD10 No.309                         Slit, no tag or seal                       Latin




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