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The Medieval Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society provides activities designed to appeal to those interested in the period spanning from Anglo-Saxon times to the sixteenth century.

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Medieval Section AGM at Claremont 12th April 2014

Yesterday's Medieval Section AGM was one of the best-attended and longest-lasting AGMs that I can remember in all the years that I have been a member. Twenty-one people were present. Unfortunately Axel Muller (Chairman), Jo Heron (Treasurer) and Steve Moorhouse (Hon. Editor) could not come so I read their respective reports to the gathering. Janet Senior kindly stepped in to chair the meeting which meant I was not talking all of the time.

Basically we are in much better shape than we were a year ago.The twin strategy of reviving the Saturday afternoon monthly lectures and creating a section blog has stimulated interest so that once again members are offering themselves for election to committee. Craig Fletcher has joined the committee and replaces Marta Cobb who has stepped down. Thanks to them both for serving. It was the absence of volunteers willing to stand for committee that prompted last year's proposal that the section be wound up. The membership is about the same at 130, although there are still subscriptions outstanding.

The main point of discussion was the Section journal Medieval Yorkshire. David Asquith kindly offered to facilitate the production of the journal. Whilst David has not said he will become Hon. Editor this is a most welcome step that hopefully will enable us to resume publication of Medieval Yorkshire. Sadly due to the ill-health  of Stephen Moorhouse there has not been any progress with the catch-up volumes 38 and 39/40.

Chairman Axel Müller

Secretary : Bryan Sitch